Wieviele Serbische und Kroatische Soeldner starben in Libyen?

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13 Sep 2011 / 14:19

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Media Report Claims 12 Serbs Killed in Libya

A Croatian media report has alleged that representatives of the new Libyan regime have claimed responsibility for killing 12 Serbian and nine Croatians apparently accused of being mercenaries fighting with Muammar Gaddafi’s forces.

Bojana Barlovac


Vecernji List

Croatian daily news agency Vecernji List claimed that the Croatians and Serbians were seized in a Libyan insurance building in the city of Misrata. The newspaper also alleged 85 mercenaries had been found and killed. It claimed that individuals who were slain were from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Ukraine, Russia and Colombia.

The Serbian Foreign Ministry told Balkan Insight that it did not have any information about the case and had learnt about the allegations from the media.

„We are checking that information,“ a spokesperson at the ministry told Balkan Insight. The spokesperson added that the ministry is aware of five Serbian nationals who are presently being held in custody in Zintan and said it is doing everything to set them free.

Serbian military analyst Ljubodrag Stojadinovic commented on the reports.

„I think our mercenaries are in Libya, as well as in Central African Republic, some are in Egypt, Yemen, and in Asia,“ he claimed.

Balkan Insight has not been able to verify the accuracy of Vecernji List’s report.

13 Sep 2011 / 12:52

US, Romania To Sign Missile Defence Agreement

Bucharest is to expected to become part of the US defence system in Europe later today.

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