US: Xhemal Gjunkshi General Commander, corrupted – and Adrian Fullani over the construction Mafia

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Colonel Xhemal Gjunksh, is born in Peskopje, famoust city in the mountain, for criminals and stupid people – like the Neanderthaler, from Tropoje with Salih Berisha!

US: General Commander, corrupted
03/09/2011 15:25

US: General Commander, corrupted

A shocking cable that the US Ambassador John Withers has sent to the State Department on November 2008 connects the current General Commander, Colonel Xhemal Gjunkshi with a corruptive scheme in the Albanian Army.

The cable reveals that Colonel Gjunkshi, then Commander of the Commando Regiment, has been accused by a group of Albanian officers of taking bribes for choosing Albanian soldiers that would be assigned in foreign peacekeeping missions, mainly in Iraq.

The US Embassy cable says that the bribe that a military officer had to pay for going to Iraq was 7000 USD, almost half of his total payment for the six months service.

The group of officers that accused Colonel Gjunkshi has notified the Albanian government through a confidential letter.

In this letter, the current General Commander is not only accused of taking bribes for assigning the commando troops in foreign missions, but also of being involved in other corruptive schemes.

As the cable reveals, the officers have even threatened of sending the letter to the prestigious newspaper New York Times, which was very popular during that time in Albania, due to some investigations made on the Gerdeci case.

The US Embassy writes that the practice of taking bribes is not something new for the Albanian Army, and its consequences are that in the foreign missions are also participating untrained people.

The US Embassy has been very concerned by this wide bribe scheme in the army, and the ambassador Withers writes in this document sent to Washington that he would raise this concern to high rank government officials.

The former commander of the Commando Regiment, Colonel Xhemal Gjunkshi was promoted as the General Commander of the Albanian Army only a few weeks ago.

“Berisha’s son order for Gerdec”
The Wikileaks cable of 20 June 2008 reveals important and previously unknown details for the tragedy of Gerdec, which the US Embassy has secured a…
The ceremony of initiation of the peacekeeping contingent ‘EAGLE 4’ training that will depart in combat mission to Kandahar, Afghanistan

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Monday, 15 August 2011 14:56

General Gjunkshi: Your participation in the mission shows a serious commitment to the state and Armed Forces to act as worthy partners alongside to NATO


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altIt took part on Monday in the premises of the Special Forces Battalion, at the Land Forces Command, in Zall Herr, the ceremony of initiation of the peacekeeping contingent ‘Eagle 4’ training. The team composed by 80 special forces of the Albanian Armed Forces, who will depart on a combat mission to Kandahar, Afghanistan in January 2012, will be trained with specific methods by U.S. forces. The ceremony of this training initiation, attended the Deputy Minister of Defence, Mr. Ekrem Spahiu, Chief of General Staff, Brigadier General Xhemal Gjunkshi, United States Defence Attaché the accredited in Tirana, Commander Glen Brown, senior officials of the Ministry of Defence, General Staff, representatives of the ODC and U.S. Embassy.

2006, warnte bereits der Zentralbank Chef Adrian Fullani, vor der Geldwäsche der Bau Industrie, welche auch den Banken Sektor gefährden würde. Heute sind 30% aller Kredite Not Leidend im Bau Geschäft, und über 50% der Kredite der Baufirmen und Bau Management Firmen. Prominetste Beschlagnahme von Immobilien von über 500.000 € Prinz Leku, wo wohl auch die Raiffeisenbank Bauten finanzierte (mit gefälschten Dokumenten), wie die American Bank of Albanien, mit ihren Profi Gangster aus den USA, wie Collier und der American Camber of Commerz in Tirana.

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Classified By: Charge d'Affaires Steven Zate 
for reasons 1.4 (b) and (d). 
1.  (SBU)  Albania's Central Bank Governor, Ardian Fullani, became the first high-ranking GoA official to state what many analysts have assumed for years: Albania's booming construction industry is driven, in part, by "dirty money." 
In his annual report to Parliament's Committee on the Economy, Fullani noted the continuing expansion of the economy (5.5 percent growth in 2005), low inflation (3 percent) and shrinking budget deficits as evidence of 
Albania's positive economic development.  He expressed concern, however, over perceived overheating in the real estate market, opining that prices were rising at a much faster clip than construction costs.  He said that the demand for developed real estate was based on remittances (nearly 
USD 1.1 billion in 2005) and illegal activities, the flows of which were neither easy to track nor predict.  He added that the share of money laundering financing construction projects had reached such levels that interdiction of such flows could endanger the entire economy. 
2.  (SBU) Currently, construction accounts for roughly ten percent of GDP, but is a growing sector and is perceived as an engine for the economy.  Fullani contended that more careful scrutiny of the sector was needed because nearly 80 percent of collateral in private banks was based on real 
estate and construction.  Should the real estate bubble burst, Fullani said, the even faster growing financial sector would be damaged.  (Loan volume increased 74 percent last year).
3.  (C) Several major builders we have spoken to are furious at Fullani's statements, claiming that it is not appropriate for him to comment on their sector.  They also contend that there is no proof of a money laundering link to the construction industry, and that even if there is, it is wrong 
to smear the entire industry if a few builders are facilitating money laundering.  Builders and construction material suppliers we have talked to are anxious due to what they contend is a liquidity crunch -- banks are unable to release loan proceeds because the local property registration 
offices are unable to provide information to the banks on land titles in a reasonable or timely manner.  This, they claim, combined with a delay in the construction permitting process -- due mainly to political squabbling -- have caused a slow-down in the industry. 
4.  (C)  COMMENT:  Fullani's comments are remarkable in that he explicitly linked the health of the Albanian economy at least partially with cash flow from money laundering.  The reaction of the builders, while understandable, is probably only correct in the sense that estimates of money laundering 
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