Richard Holbrook, Wesley Clark, Florin Krasniqi, Jo Biden: Aufruf: “Zum Spass Serben töden!”

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War and drugs Gangsters: Wesley Clark, Richard Holbrook, Florin Krasniqi

18/08/2011Kosovo ex-premier retried by war crimes court

Kosovo’s former prime minister Ramush Haradinaj was back in court Thursday on war crimes charges after appeal judges found witnesses were intimidated during his original 10-month trial.
Haradinaj, 43, the most senior Kosovo leader to stand trial at the Yugoslav war crimes court, is being retried with fellow ethnic Albanian Idriz Balaj, 39, on six counts of murder, cruel treatment and torture committed during Kosovo’s 1998-99 war.
A third accused, Lahi Brahimaj, 41, is facing four charges before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) for his role in the fight between independence-seeking ethnic Albanian guerrillas and forces of the late Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic.
„Victims were murdered, tortured… regardless of their ethnicity whether they may be Serbs or Roma,“ prosecutor Paul Rogers told judges on the opening day of the tribunal’s first ever partial retrial.
The war crimes prosecutor opened his case by saying he wanted to show how Haradinaj’s Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) established control of an area in western Kosovo through the „brutal elimination of those perceived to be collaborating with the Serbs or not supporting“ the ethnic Albanian forces.
He added that Haradinaj — still considered to be a hero by many of Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian majority — had played a large role in organising those forces.
„He was seen at the time as a person with significant influence in the area and had great respect in the Albanian culture,“ Rogers said.
Haradinaj and Balaj, considered his lieutenant and commander of the notorious „Black Eagles“ unit, were acquitted in April 2008 on 37 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Brahimaj was convicted of torture and sentenced to six years in jail.
But on July 21 last year, appeal judges agreed with prosecutors who said the court refused to give them „additional time to exhaust all reasonable steps to secure the testimony of two crucial witnesses.“
Appeal judges said the trial chamber seriously erred in failing to take measures to secure the testimony of certain witnesses, „particularly in the context of the serious witness intimidation that formed the context of the trial.“


US ally in Kosovo admits murdering Serbs
August 17, 2011 – 4:30 am
Kosovo Albanian bandit, Ramush Haradinaj, has admitted in his new book, “Story of war and liberty”, that he led daily attacks on Serbs and that he commanded over daily murders of Serbs.

“We attacked Serbian forces always. At every place. During the day and night. Without hiding. Every day we killed Serbian police,” writes Haradinaj.

Kerry’s Wahlkampf Financier: Aufruf: “Zum Spass Serben töden!”

Kerry’s Wahlkampf Financier: Aufruf: “Zum Spass Serben töden!

Wesley Clark, Holbrook,
Verbrecher unter sich: Wesley Clark, Holbrook, Fljoren Krasnici
Und wieder wird Amerikanische Propanda enttarnt.

Und von solchen Leuten lassen sich höchste Amerikanische Politiker
finanzieren und erzählen der Welt etwas von Demokratie, Freiheit
bringen usw..!

Und mit solchen Leuten haben westliche Politiker Kontakt!

“Now let’s go kill some Serbs” | 15:45 December 24 | SRNA
BELGRADE – Friday – Serbia’s state media has shown documentary
footage of members of the Kosovo Liberation Army smuggling arms into
Kosovo from a Western country.

The Dutch-made “The Brooklyn Connection” discusses threats by
Albanians to begin terrorism against the international community
unless Kosovo becomes independent.

Part of the film shows guerrilla commander Fljoren Krasnici buying
military supplies, including an elephant gun, in a shop, before
having it delivered by plane an mule-teams to Kosovo.

In one sequence of the film, Krasnici and a mule driver set off from
Albania for Kosovo with the words “Now let’s go kill some Serbs”.

Quelle das genau dieser Waffen SChmuggler Florin Kraniqi mit seinen
Mord Aufrufen, den Wahlkampf sponserte für Kerry!

Kerry und sein KLA Mafia Sponsor

Dieser Krasniqi, gehört zu den bekanntetes Mafia Familien im Kosovo.
Ein Verwandter wurde in Tirana im August 1998 erschossen, als Militär
Chef der UCK.

Kurz gesagt. Die alte Drogen- Terrorbande von Bin Laden finanziert
Kerry und seinen Wahlkampf.

Suspected terror fund-raiser
attended event for Kerry
KLA militant bonded with advisers, reportedly boasted of special

According to Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin, Brooklyn-based Florin
Krasniqi, a member of the Kosovo Liberation Army, is featured in the
recently released Dutch documentary “De Brooklyn Connectie” attending
a Kerry fund-raiser with several KLA members, where he writes a
check, and then makes clear he expects a quid-pro-quo for his

“With money you can do amazing things in this country. Senators and
congressmen are looking for donations. If you fund them and raise the
money they need for their campaign they pay you back,” Krasniqi says
in the documentary.

The video later shows Krasniqi, a known KLA member and fund-raiser,
purchasing weapons from an American gun store. He reminds viewers
that in the past, such weapons have been smuggled into Kosovo,
disguised as humanitarian aid.

Toward the end of the documentary, Krasniqi warns that “just in case
NATO pulls out, or we don’t get our independence peacefully, then
we’ll use those weapons.”

Many have called the KLA, also known as the UCK, a terror
organization, charging it led a violent campaign against civilian
Kosovo Serbs, and linking it to Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida and Iran.
As recently as 1998, the U.S. State Department recognized the KLA as
a terrorist group.

The KLA consists of armed militias seeking to unite the Albanian
populations of Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania into a greater Albania.

Weitere Hintergründe u.a. weil das Gebiet, damals Übungsfeld des CIA war, für geheime Waffen Programme wie den “Predator” Drohnen, was unter dem Schutz der Super Mafia von Vlore getestet wurde in 1995!

Vlore Mafia Boss: Dashamir Tahiri trifft sich mit Jo Biden und mit dem Massenmörder: Zani Caushi