Auf der Kroatischen Insel Brac, wurden wegen Lärm Belästigung die Nacht Clubs geschlossen

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02. 08. 11. – 15:00

Police raid on Brac clubs scare tourists into thinking another war on horizon

Croatian Times

Some tourists on the Croatian island of Brac began panicking that another war in neighbouring Kosovo was looming as policemen cleared the three local nightclubs of party goers over noise.

The three night-time hangouts in Supetar on Brac were shut down on Saturday because the noise levels surpassed the allowed 65 decibels, daily Tportal writes. The policemen threw out between 500 and 700 guests, many of whom migrated to the beaches to listen to the David Guetta concert in Split from some 15 kilometres distance.

„The state has killed tourism,“ some of the local business owners lamented.
The island has had a fair share of bad luck this year – huge fires destroyed thousands of acres of forest scaring some tourists, heavy rains that followed killed the summer fun and now the club inspectors have shut down the island’ss popular hangouts. One club was closed for the next month, while two others received an 8-day suspension, the portal writes.

According to business owners, the police actions were formally justified as noise levels surpassed the allowed 65 decibels. They believe, however, the punishments were severe and devastating. They were not given an opportunity to pay a fine, something that will have repercussions not only on their businesses but on the state budget that was getting between 900 and 1,300 Euros in taxes and fees per day, they claim.

Fake dollars in circulation in some coastal towns

Zagreb mayor implicated in elite prostitution ring investigation

Croatian Times


Prostitution ring leader had the backing of Zagreb city officials including the mayor, who enabled him to establish a lucrative illegal business in the capital’s sports arena, Dom Sportova, the former head of the premises Josip Corak has said.

Corak claims officials pressured him into signing the agreement with Nobojsa Perunovic „Panco,“ for a space rental in Dom Sportova he used for his massage-turn-elite prostitution business. He had recently been arrested for allegedly pimping out starlets and wanna-be models to well-paying politicians, businessmen and athletes.

„I signed the agreement with Panco about the use of space in Dom Sportova under the pressure from the city top,“ Corak told the portal Zagrebancija. Not only did he move in even before the agreement was signed, Panco never paid the rental for the space and owes the sports hall over one million kunas (134,000 Euros).

„Panco first came into the property, after which I had been told to sign an agreement with him,“ Corak said, naming Zagreb mayor Milan Bandic’s close advisor Dusko Ljustina one of Panco’s backers and „advocates.“ At the time he had aksed Corak to extend „special treatment“ to Panco, daily Jutarnji List writes.

Corak claims he had requested Zagreb Holding’s legal team to raise charges against all who owed the sports hall money, including Panco. Charges were raised against only some of the debtors and Panco was not amongst them. Corak then asked for Panco’s removal from the premises, but was prevented from doing so by city officials.

„Ljustina and some others were coming as representatives of mayor Bandic and setting the requirements,“ Corak said.

Corak also claims to have seen many famous faces in Panco’s salon, including Zagreb’s mayor.

„I saw Bandic going into Panco’s salon. Why he went there and what he was doing there, I do not know because I am not familiar with what happens behind closed doors,“ Corak said.

He added: „That is not a sacred space, so I am doubtful they were praying.“


Geld bringen die normalen Gäste, welche in Hotels übernachten, Geld für Restaurants haben und nicht durch Lärm Terrorismus Nachts gestört werden wollen.  Merkwürdigerweise, gibt es normal keine Probleme, weil die Clubs ausserhalb der Ortschaften sind. Nur in Albanien und hier auf Inseln, nehmen die oft Mafiösen Club Besitzer ohne Hirn und Kultur, keine Rücksicht auf Touristen und Dritte.


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Croatian islands for sale

Croatian Times

For those with a little extra cash to spend, Croatia is selling two of its tiny islets, Oruda and Palacol near Losinj.

Oruda is 36 hectares in size and features a small house, a church, an olive grove and a freshwater spring. Paracol measures four hectares and has a Byzantine fortress that could be reconstructed.

The going price is 5.8 million Euros.

Bernie Ecclestone was interested in buying the island but gave up when he learned he could not construct a villa, daily Monitor writes.