Nach dem Debakel in Albanien, investiert die Weltbank, nur noch im Gesundheits, Sozial Bereich

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Wenn eine Regierung vollkommen kriminell ist, werden praktisch keine Projekte im Infrastruktur Bereich mehr finanziert. Typisch ist hier Albanien, wo ausl.Organisationen grundlegend ihr Verhalten ändern. Sogar Doris Pack, welche als Langzeit Bekannte und Fürsprecherin des Salih Berisha gilt sagt, das Europa für Albanien nun weit weg ist.

Doris Pack: Shqipëria larg BE-së

Albania, World Bank join to boost social, health sectors


The World Bank and Albania sign a $25m loan. Also in business news: a Regional Finance Fair and Matchmaking Event were held in Skopje and the economic downturn in Croatia deepened in the first quarter of 2011.


The project aims to help Albania improve health financing. [Reuters]

Albania and the World Bank signed an agreement on Monday (June 20th) for a Social Sector Reform Development Policy Loan worth $25m. The project aims to help Albania improve the efficiency of its social safety nets and strengthen the effectiveness and equity of health financing.


Economies in Eastern Europe will have to increase their competitiveness if they want to attract more foreign investments, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development said in its latest Eastern Europe and South Caucasus Outlook presented in Prague on Friday (June 17th). The governments in the region should try to overcome three main obstacles — poor education, limited access to financing and lack of appropriate incentives.


Skopje hosted a Regional Finance Fair and Matchmaking Event last week that aimed to bring together businessmen from Southeast Europe with investors and financing institutions. The event, which was co-hosted by USAID, attracted over 100 participants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia, providing them with an opportunity to explore new financial opportunities and ways to expand business networks in the region.

Social Sector Reform DPL


Overview Financial Procurement Implementation & Results News & Related Info

Project ID: P116937 | Project Status: Active

Abstract* last updated 07-APR-2011

The objectives of the Social Sector Reform Development Policy Loan (DPL) Project is to support policy changes to improve the effectiveness of social safety nets, and enhance efficiency and equity of health spending, in a fiscally sustainable environment. The DPL will also enhance transparency and accountability by supporting policies to improve the administration of social assistance programs and promoting the use of systematic formulas to allocate resources in selected social programs and servi…More»

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Approval Date 28-APR-2011

Closing Date 30-APR-2012

Total Project Cost** 25

Region Europe And Central Asia

Major Sector (Sector) (%) Health and other social services (Health) (50%)

Health and other social services (Other social services) (50%)

Themes (%) Social safety nets (40%)

Health system performance (40%)

Other social protection and risk management (20%)

Environmental Category N/A

Bank Team Lead Dulitzky, Daniel

Borrower/Recipient ALBANIA

Implementing Agency MINISTRY OF FINANCE

Project Goals

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