Serbischer Innenminister Ivica Dacic: Teilung des Kosovo, ist die einzige Loesung

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Es gab ja erhebliche Ausschreitungen erneut durch die militante Albin Kurti Partei in Phristina, als die Serbische Delegation ihren ersten Arbeits  Besuch machte und erneut vorsaetzliche Zerstoerung von Regierungs Gebaeuden.

Sunday 15.05.2011 | 11:40

Partition of Kosovo only solution, minister says
Source: BetaPRIŠTINA — Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dačić has assessed that partition of Kosovo is the only realistic solution.

Ivica Dačić
Ivica Dačić

“This is my opinion, although neither Belgrade nor Priština like it. However, I am a realistic politician and I don’t see any other solution,” he pointed out.

“I think that the only realistic solution is that places where Serbs live stay in Serbia and that the other part where the Albanians live secedes. This is the only realistic way that can lead us to a quick solution,” the Serbian minister told Priština-based Albanian language daily Zeri.

“Other solutions are a waste of time and years and decades would go in an attempt to solve those small issues,” he was quoted as saying.

Dačić repeated that the issue of Kosovo’s independence “is not closed and Kosovo has not been recognized by all countries”.

“If you want to be a part of the EU and have Serbia’s consent, but the way we started we won’t have a solution in the next 20 years,” he pointed out.

The Serbian interior minister assessed that it was a good thing that the Belgrade-Priština dialogue had started but added that “it is very difficult to find solutions that will be acceptable both to Serbs and Albanians”.

“If it was that easy we would have had results by now,” Dačić concluded.

Sunday 15.05.2011 | 15:09

Tuzla war crime victims commemorated

Source: TanjugBANJA LUKA — A commemoration was held in Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina, on Sunday for Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) soldiers who were killed in an attack in 1992.

A file photo showing attack on JNA troops
A file photo showing attack on JNA troops

The so-called Tuzla column was attacked while it was withdrawing towards Serbia on May 15, 1992.

The commemoration marking 19 years since the attack on the JNA column ended without incidents, and was secured by strong police forces of the Tuzla Canton.

After a memorial service, lighting of candles and laying of white roses at the scene of the crime, wreaths were laid on a memorial in the city of Bijeljina, where a number of soldiers killed in the Tuzla column attack were buried.

According to the data of the Republic of Srpska (RS) authorities, 200 JNA soldiers were attacked, 59 were killed while others were either injured or captured.

Nobody has been held responsible for the crime. Ilija Jurišić was sentenced to 12 years in prison in Belgrade two years ago but the verdict was overturned last year and he was released.

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