Georg Soros korrupter Gangster: Martti Ahtisaari, will noch mehr Kosovo Millionen

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Für Arbeitsplätze hat man kein Geld, aber Millionen für Lobbying. Das Original Mafia System, welche freie Fahrt wünschen in der Welt!

Die nächste Geschäftsbasis der korrupten US Gangster um Bill Clinton und dem Georg Soros Speichellecker Martti Ahtisaari, der vollkommen korrupt ist.

BND enthüllt die Machenschaften des Martti Ahtisaari ( 1 2 3 4)

Albaner Mafia: Pacolli besticht Martti Ahtisaari ?!

Kooerdiniert werden diese US – Albanischen Verbrecher Clans, welche man die „Cosa Nostra“ nennt, direkt vom AACL

Marti Ahtisaari, liess sich mit Millionen und jungen Frauen von der Albanischen Mafia bestechen, damit man einen eigenen Staat erhält.

Dann ist die Frage offen, wieviel Rückers und Konsorten noch erhalten haben.

Fifty Million Dollars and Up for Dismembering a Medium-Size Sovereign State

Former Finnish president and one of the world’s most respected living Nazis Martti Ahtisaari (i.e. Adolfsen) is a very busy man these days. Turkey — correctly noting Ahtisaari’s strong pro-Muslim bias, undoubtedly a result of historically sound and productive fascist/Muslim alliances — wants Ahtisaari to help them break into the EU. In Northern Ireland, where Ahtisaari was meddling before, he was appointed an “international advisor” to a reconciliation group.
Albanska mafija kupila Ahtisarija
Z. ŠARENAC | 21.06.2007 19:02

Kosovo Government pays for lobbying ten times more than Serbia

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BELGRADE – Former American President Bill Clinton and Finland’s Nobel Prize winner Martti Ahtisaari accepted invitation by Kosovo authorities to lobby for recognition of Kosovo independence.

Bill Clinton and Fatmir Sejdiu

For the purpose of intensified diplomatic activity about ten million Dollars have been collected ‘what is ten times more than the money being allocated by Serbia’, as ‘Blic’ was told by sources from Serbian Foreign Ministry.

Belgrade is following this initiative with utmost attention since significant increase in number of countries recognizing Kosovo ‘would have negative effects on political atmosphere in which the ongoing negotiating dialog is taking place’.
The period until the end of September filled with large number of important multilateral meetings with participation of majority of Islamic and African countries that have not recognized Kosovo ‘shall be critical for Serbia’ according from the sources from this ministry.
Kosovo media reported in recent days that ‘Pristina is on the way to finalize official strategy for lobbying’ and that ‘the chief protagonists of the forthcoming several-month mission are Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga, the first Deputy Prime Minister Bedzet Pacoli and Foreign Minister Enver Hodzaj’.

As ‘Blic’ learns Serbian diplomacy has been informed by ‘friendly messages’ that Pacoli has secured half of the requested money, i.e. five million Dollars, while the remaining five were provided by the Albanian Diaspora. Pacoli has been already on tour to Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
It is also generally known fact that diplomatic representatives of America, Great Britain and France are permanently engaged on lobbying for Kosovo independence since the International Court of Justice had made its advisory opinion last year.

Minister Vuk Jeremic

Serbian Government is primarily relying on regular diplomatic activities, the Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic and Serbian diplomatic representative offices worldwide than on engaging individual lobbyists abroad.

In Europe Serbia has not engaged a single lobbying agency for its policy. In the USA the Government has engaged the ‘Advanced Practical Solutions LLC’ from Chicago for one million Dollars yearly.


Vorbild Deutscher Aussenpolitik: Das Verbrecher Kartell des Georg Soros und seiner NG0’s wie dem ICG

11.9.2009 von CrniLabudovi.

Es gibt absolut keine Deutsche Aussenpolitik! Wie Afghanistan aktuell zeigt und der Balkan sowieso, hat man jede Art von Einfluß in der EU und NATO verspielt, weil man ausschliesslich wie ein Papagei den Soros  – CIA gesteuerten Zirkeln wie dem ICG, HRW, “Open Society” usw. nachplabbert, bzw. gleich im ICG Mitglied ist wie Ute Zapf oder der Amtsversager Joschka Fischer, oder alternativ in dem bekannten Bestechungs Verein von Walter Leisler Kiep, der Atlantik Brücke e.V. Mitglied ist, wo man Leute wie Eckhardt von Klaeden, Westerwelle, aber auch Herrn zu Guttenberg trifft. DAAD (Akademischer Auslands Dienst hat unter dem Kommando, geistig behinderter Krimineller aus der SPD), direkt Abkommen über das AA, und schalten sogar Anzeigen in Albanien.Wichtig ist vor allem, das man im Geiste des Georg Soros die Drogen Handels Wege, durch eigene Partner kontrolliert und sich zugleich weigert, eine Sonder Kommision Albanische OK zu bilden, welche Italien, Österreich, Bayern und Baden-Württenberg forder. Das wurde direkt vom bekanntlich hoch korrupten Innenminister Schäuble und zuvor Otto Plauder Tasche Schily abgelehnt.

Und von dem Betrugs Murks der Deutschen Entwicklungs Hilfe in Afghanistan und dem Kosovo fangen wir hier gar nicht. 10 Milliarden € haben die BMZ Mafiosi in die eigenen Strukturen umgeleitet, durch Consults im Eigen Gebräu und Betrugs Projekten.   Eine eigene Lobby Prüfungs Gesellschaft PwH, hat sogar Büros im BMZ. Man prüft sich also Selber und die Mafia könnte es nicht besser organisieren.

 Das wohl besten Info in Deutsch, über die Drogen- Geldwäsche Geschäfte des Georg Soros in Cooperation mit berüchtigen Amerikaner wie Marc Rich. In Englisch ein Artikel in promineter Presse über Georg Soros.

Georg Soros ’s Verbrecher Organisation: ICG sorgt sich um hoch dotierte Jobs

The Yugoslav authorities regarded the KLA a terrorist group[32]. The U.S. State Department listed the KLA as a terrorist organization until 1998,[8][9] and President Bill Clinton’s special envoy to the Balkans, Robert Gelbard, described that same year the KLA as, “without any questions, a terrorist group”.[11][36] Around 1998, some months before the war of March 1999, the US gevernment removed the KLA from its list of terrorist organizations, and they approached the KLA leaders to make them interlocutors with the Serbs.[9][37] France didn’t delist it until late 1998, after strong US and UK lobbying.[10] During the war, the KLA troops collaborated with the NATO troops, and they were qualified by the NATO as “freedom fighters”.[9] In late 1999 the KLA was disbanded and its members entered the Kosovo Protection Corps.[9] KLA is still present in the MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base list of terrorist groups,[32] and is listed as an inactive terrorist organization by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism from the Homeland Security.[38]

Wie auch im UN Report fest gestellt wird gab es nie Freiheits Kämpfer, sondern die UCK ist eine rein kriminelle Organisation von Schlägern und Verbrechern, welche ihre Drogen- Waffen- Kinder- und Frauen Handel so tarnten! Das wusste man inklusive der Todesschwadronen um eigene Landsleute umzubringen bereits im September 1998

MAFIA AUTO in Durres, Albanien: Auto Kennzeichen: “The Best of Amerika”

Albanian Organized Crime the Biggest Threat
Bush with Albanian flag
Albanian Mafia the Single Biggest Threat to Europe

March 2008 report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime which went conveniently unnoticed and uncovered by the western mainstream media, though generally upbeat, bringing the good news of the crime rates dropping in the Balkan region as a whole, and announcing Balkans as “much safer than previously thought”, underlines, once again, the growing concern over the flourishing Albanian mafia, which is now, thanks to the Western power centers, ruling over the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija.

Beyond the fancy charts and maps, behind the joy over the “improving trends”, the UN report titled Crime and its Impact on the Balkans [.pdf file], hides a very grim reality of the far-reaching deadly tentacles of Albanian organized crime, exasperated and turned into a malignant disease by the western backing of severing Kosovo-Metohija province from Serbia.
Albanian Clans Take the Leading Place in Organized Crime

“Ethnic Albanian organized crime groups have established themselves in many European Union Member States and beyond… ethnic Albanian crime groups are found to extend their role from facilitators to achieving full control in certain crime areas. They adapt without difficulties to local or changing situations.”
No “Freedom Fighters”, Just Criminals and Thugs

On the preceding pages, the latest Drugs & Crime UN report offers a rarely accurate analysis of the situation among the ethnic Albanians (both next door to Serbia, in neighboring Albania, and in Serbia itself, mainly in the southern Kosovo province), which led to formation of the Albanian terrorist KLA (UCK) and to the terrorist attacks in Serbia — an unusually honest glimpse at the root-causes of Albanian insurrection and occupation of part of Serbia, impossible to find in the tons of worthless junk produced daily by the Western mainstream media.

The following excerpt effectively dismantles the pompous claims of heroic “struggle for freedom and independence” and disingenuous references to the “self-determination” of an ethnic group which has already exercised its right to self-determination with the formation of state of Albania.

No, it has nothing to do with “freedom”, “independence” or “self-determination”, it is all about illicit trade, crime without punishment, lawlessness, thuggery and insatiable greed.
Criminals, Terrorists or Politicians? In Kosovo-Metohija, all Three.

Excerpt from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime report for March 2008

[pg 52] According to an Interpol statement made before the U.S. Congress in 2000:

aus Balkan Spezial

Dismembering a Medium-Size Sovereign State

Former Finnish president and one of the world’s most respected living Nazis Martti Ahtisaari (i.e. Adolfsen) is a very busy man these days. Turkey — correctly noting Ahtisaari’s strong pro-Muslim bias, undoubtedly a result of historically sound and productive fascist/Muslim alliances — wants Ahtisaari to help them break into the EU. In Northern Ireland, where Ahtisaari was meddling before, he was appointed an “international advisor” to a reconciliation group.

Let’s hope they can afford the 70-year-old whore with a steep price list.

According to the June 21 article by the Banja Luka daily Fokus, titled “Albanian Mafia Bought Ahtisaari,”



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