Lord Roberston: Die meisten Toden, im Kosovo Krieg, hat die UCK Mafia zu verantworten

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Die NATO, wusste gut Bescheid, das die Kosovo UCK, ein rein krimineller Verein ist.

secret UNMIK Report: http://cryptome.org/0003/unmik-organs.zip  29 page UNMIK

secret NATO Report:

Kosovo by the Institute for European Policy commissioned by the German Bundeswehr

Studie 124 Seiten pdf!

großes Grinsen großes Grinsen großes Grinsen http://balkanforum.org/IEP-BND/iep0001.PDF großes Grinsen großes Grinsen großes Grinsen

Die Todesschwadronen der UCK Verbrecher, speziell von Hashim Thaci, Xhavit Halili, Ramuz Haradinaj sind eine Legende auch in Albanien schon in 1998 gewesen.

Dies zur Geschichtfälschung der NATO, der Kosovo Mafia.

Ex-NATO Chef: Lord Roberston: “the KLA were responsible for more deaths in Kosovo than the Yugoslav [Serb] authorities had been.”

 Kosovo: a template for disaster

The idea that Kosovo is a model for humanitarian intervention in Libya is based on a series of myths

    • David
    • As they weigh up whether to support the attack on Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, some western commentators are taking comfort from the 1999 Nato air war against Serbia, which is widely viewed as a successful humanitarian mission that protected Kosovans from Serbian aggression. Moreover it was done at low cost to the intervening powers, who suffered no combat casualties. And ultimately it led to the ousting of Serbia’s villainous leader, Slobodan Milosevic. The Libya intervention, it is hoped, will have a similarly positive outcome.

      In reality, Kosovo presents little basis for optimism with regard to Libya. Its success is based on a series of myths.

      The first is that in Kosovo, war constituted a morally simple conflict, between aggressive Serbs and victimised Kosovan Albanians; and that Nato, in backing the Albanians, was furthering the cause of human rights. In fact, none of the parties were particularly moral. The war crimes of Serbian forces are well known, but their Kosovan adversaries committed crimes too. In early 1999, Tony Blair believed that the Kosovo Liberation Army was “not much better than the Serbs”, according to Alastair Campbell’s memoirs. And the UK defence minister George Robertson stated that until shortly before the Nato bombing campaign, “the KLA were responsible for more deaths in Kosovo than the Yugoslav [Serb] authorities had been.”

      Despite this record, Nato selected the KLA as its ground force, while its planes bombed the Serbs. And after Milosevic capitulated and the bombing ended, Nato forces in effect put the KLA in charge of Kosovo. Once in power, it promptly terrorised ethnic Serbs, Roma and other ethnic groups, forcing out almost a quarter million people.

      The record of Nato complicity in KLA war crimes is very relevant for the intervention in Libya. Once again western states will be seeking local allies, in Benghazi and elsewhere, among the Libyan opposition to Gaddafi. We must hope that they are more careful in choosing them. However, the Kosovo case gives us little assurance. The states leading the Libya intervention clearly do not have a positive record in their past selection of allies in the Middle East. Indeed, such unsavoury figures as Hosni Mubarak, Zine Ben Ali or Gaddafi himself had close ties to the states now claiming the moral high ground in their interventionist actions.

      Another myth regarding Kosovo is that bombing improved the human rights situation. In reality, it made things worse, and augmented the suffering. Prior to the Nato campaign, the total number of people killed on all sides in the Kosovo conflict was 2,000, approximately half of whom were killed by Serbian forces. After the bombing began, however, there was a huge spike in Serb-perpetrated atrocities, which caused almost 10,000 deaths, combined with widespread ethnic cleansing. The Serbian forces were furious that they could not stop the Nato air attacks, so they took out their frustration on the relatively defenceless Albanians, causing a huge increase in the number of killings. The Nato bombing itself directly killed at least 500 civilians. When viewed from a humanitarian standpoint, Nato intervention was a disaster.

      There is a danger that the current intervention in Libya could produce similar results. In response to the bombing, Gaddafi could lash out against his own people with even more viciousness than Milosevic did in Kosovo. And Gaddafi could resort to some of his old terrorist techniques, against both American and European citizens, with ugly consequences. Humanitarian intervention could, once again, lead to disaster.

      Finally, it is wrong to remember the Kosovo intervention as being inexpensive or of brief duration. True, the bombing campaign lasted only 78 days. However, this was followed by an extended occupation involving thousands of Nato peacekeeping troops. A Nato force remains in Kosovo, with little prospect of departure.

      A similar situation could occur in Libya: securing regime change will probably require a foreign occupation, which could last for years, in a country with three times the population of Kosovo and a much larger territory. The Nato powers may have no choice but to field troops, and to fund their occupation activities – on top of the UK and US commitment in Iraq and Afghanistan, and during a global economic crisis.


Robertson Underlines NATO Commitment to Kosovo



        Roberston stressed that the people of Kosovo must oppose organised crime and extremism and promised that the alliance will remain committed to helping them. He said the international community was not prepared to give up Kosovo “to organised criminals and those who use brutality in the name of ethnic nationalism”.



Sonntag, 13. September 2009

Italian General Confirms Kosovo Albanian Atrocities

Italian General Confirms Kosovo Albanian Atrocities

Jan 10th, 2009 | By De-Construct.net | In Current, Earlier, Kosovo-Metohija Crisis

General Mauro Del Vecchio
General Mauro Del Vecchio

General Del Vecchio: We were Finding Bodies of Killed Serbs Every Morning

Report by Blic Online
Mauro Del Vecchio, former general of Italian Army who led the unit of 7,000 soldiers which entered Serbian Kosovo and Metohija province in June 1999, after the end of NATO air strikes on Serbia, told Italian weekly Panorama that during the first three weeks of his mandate “reports about the found bodies of killed Serbs and Roma were coming to his desk each morning”, but that was a taboo subject they were not allowed to speak about with journalists.
“The killing continued later but not as frequently. Those that have not fled Kosovo were under permanent risk to be killed or raped. Deserted Serbian houses were leveled to the ground or set on fire. Albanians were attacking the churches and monasteries, too. Their goal was to erase every trace of Serbian presence in Kosovo”, Del Vecchio said.
After commanding NATO Multinational Brigade North in Bosnia and Herzegovina (March-October 1997), General Del Vecchio was assigned commander of NATO Kosovo Force of the Multinational Brigade West in southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija. He is today a representative of Democratic Party in the Italian Senate.
Magazine Panorama published for the first time photographs of Serbian victims taken by the KFOR Italian soldiers in 1999.
“Nobody was taking Serbian bodies that were left in all possible places. Mothers and wives of abducted Serbs were pleading for their loved ones to be found, but the majority of them have never been found, including those that were killed”, General Del Vecchio said.
Italian weekly reports as a horrifying fact that 70 percent of the total number of abducted Kosovo Serbs have been kidnapped after June 1999, when the war was officially over and NATO troops already stationed throughout the province.
Panorama also came in possession of photographs found by the UNMIK soldiers in Decani in 2003, but decided not to publish them because of the sheer horror captured on them. They show Kosovo Albanian terrorists, members of the monstrous KLA, smiling while posing with the severed Serbian heads. Other photographs show them stuffing a bag with at least two severed heads. The magazine stresses that the zone in which these photographs were taken and found was under the command of Kosovo Albanian war criminal, Ramush Haradinaj, who was given the post of “Kosovo premier” by the Americans after they seized the Serbian province.
Hat tip: Slobodan-Milosevic.org

Peinliches Interview, mit dem Kriegstreiber Klaus Naumann, der illegale Rüstungs Lobby Geschäfte machte. Für den Betrugs Irak Krieg, war natürlich auch ein Klaus Naumann, einer der wichtigsten Lobby Faschisten, der über Leichen geht.

EULEX die Unterschlagung der Aufbau Milliarden und ein Italienischer General ( 1 2 3)

Hashim Thaci, Xhavit Halili, waren aktiver Bestandteil, der Plünderungen und Staats Zerstörung von Albanien in 1997, wo die Hintermänner, direkt auch aus den USA kamen (rund um den AACL.com und CIA Verbrecher Kartellen des Josef Limprecht -traf sich mit Azem Hajdari i Sarande in 1997) um das Hotel  „Florida“ bei Durres, welche im Chaos, wie die Salih Berisha Leute, Waffen und Vermögen stehlen wollten.Alles der NATO und Co. damals bekannt.
Ebenso der Todesschwadronen, gegen UCK Konkurrenten in Albanien, ab September 1998.

Der Leiter des Militär Krankenhauses Tirana damals, weil ein Stockwerk, komplett der UCK übergeben wurde und wo niemand Zutritt hatte, noch Kontrolle, was dort geschah! Shaip Muja, ist der Verantwortliche auch für die Kindes Entführungen 1998-2001 vor allem in Tirana, Tödung und Organ Entnahme, Vor diesen primitiven Mord Kanaillen, mussten auch Deutsche Polizei (MAPE), die Flüchtlings Camps in Tirana und Kukes schützen, damit keine Kinder verschwinden zur Tödung und Organ Entnahme (unten, voröffentlicht sogar im Kosovo), wie ein neuer UN secret Report ebenfalls festhält. Die Kindes Entführer und Verbrecher Gestalten der UCK, lungerten damals vor allem auch im Rogner Hotel herum, wo dann oft die US Botschafterin Mariso Lino auftauchte. Griechischer Abstammung, wie Georg Tenet der CIA – Direktor, der in Himari Albanien geboren ist.

Die Adria Verseuchung!

Folgen, wenn Dumm Kriminelle NATO Strategen den Kosovo Krieg inzenierten

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Montag, 3. Januar 2011

Die Todes Schwadronen des Hashim Thaci – Fatmir Limaj, morden weiter im Kosovo

Nach dem Mord am Nachbarn der Kommando Zentrale „DRENICA“ bei Durres, mordet man halt wieder im Kosovo weiter. Diesmal wurde Skender Limaj erschossen, enger Verwandter des Fatmir Limaj, durch die Söhne des Bürgermeister von Malihev: Gani Krasniqi.Hashim Thaci, hat halt etwas zu Viele Leute ermorden lassen, was ja allgemein gut bekannt ist.

Banden Kriege, ohne Ende in der sogenannten Albaner Politik.

Nach dem Mord an Skender Limaj in Bajë Malishevës
Geschrieben von Ilir Berisha
Montag, 3. Januar 2011