Das Mysterium der Vojvodina, wie eine nicht existente Firma „WDW Soft“, eine Ausschreibung gewann

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Im Balkan ist Alles möglich, aber das eine nicht existente Firma, eine wichtige IT Ausschreibung gewinnen konnte, wo 200.000 Personen Daten rund um das Schulsystem verwaltet werden muss, ist nur im Balkan möglich. Die Firma, hatte bei der Ausschreibung, nicht einmal einen eigenen Server.

A company which kept data does not have a server
28. 04. 2011. – 00:02h |

Affair at Vojvodina Secretariat for education which helped foreign company ‘WDW Soft’ gets a several million deal does not end with the fact that this company won the tender at a time it actually did not exist.

As ‘Blic’ learns the ‘WDW Soft’ got the deal in spite of the fact that it offered
completely opposite technical conditions from those stipulated by the tender. Our well informed source explains that the ‘WDW Soft’ even does not have a server required for this kind of service. So school base with valuable data is kept with another company.
At the Republican Prosecution ‘Blic’ was told that pre-criminal proceedings have
been launched.
‘The prosecution is checking information supplied. At the moment we cannot give
more details but very soon our findings shall be publicized’, spokesman of the
Prosecution Tomo Zoric said.
Vojvodina Government too reacted yesterday. After the session, Vojvodina
Secretariat for education issued a statement indicating that realization of the project called ‘Centralized school data base and system for information of parents over pupils’ success’ which was entrusted to the ‘WDW Soft’ would be cancelled.

This decision was made in line with the order by the Republican Secretary for information of special importance Rodoljub Sabic. His decision was based on the fact that the project was contrary to Serbian laws and the Constitution.
The data base contains data about 200,271 people – 75,000 pupils and 93,000 parents, the rest other education staff. The ‘WDW Soft’ was in position to earn 1,116,000 monthly. For example, each of the recorded parents sends at least one SMS weekly to see his-her child’s marks. That means 372,000 SMS messages monthly with minimal price of 3 Dinars per SMS.
As we have already reported the ‘WDW Soft’ won the tender in June last year
although at that time it was not even registered.