Albanian, Bosnia: New Surge in European Islamist Terrorism

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Balkan Strategic Studies

October 15, 2003

Strong Warning Indicators for New Surge in European Islamist Terrorism

Exclusive. Analysis. By Gregory R. Copley, Editor, GIS. Intelligence sources in the Balkans and Middle East indicate that the Iranian and Osama bin Laden terrorist networks, assets and alliances built up in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Southern Serbia and elsewhere in the Balkans are preparing for significant new slate of operations. Initial operations in this “new slate” have already begun in Kosovo, and are expected to expand in southern Serbia in late October and into November 2003.

47 page secret report NATO Kosovo,

The intelligence, from a variety of primary sources within the Islamist movements, points to:

1. Escalation of Islamist terrorist attacks on Serb civilians within the predominantly Muslim region of Kosovo and Metohija in the Serbian province of Kosovo;

2. Commencement during October-November 2003 of seemingly-random bombings of public places, including schools, in Muslim-dominated cities in the southern Serbian/northern Montenegrin Raška Oblast (this oblast, or region — not a formal sub-state as in the Russian use of the word “oblast” — is referred to by Islamists by its Turkish name, Sandzak) as a prelude to wider violence in this area, and eastern Montenegro, adjacent to the Albanian border and reaching down to the Adriatic;

3. Coordination of incidents by the so-called “Albanian National Army” — a current iteration of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA, or UCK: Ushtria Clirimtare e Kosoves, in Albanian; OVK in Serbo-Croat) — in Kosovo and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia with activities in Raška, led by the Bosnian radical Islamist party, SDA (Party of Democratic Action) of Alija Izetbegovic, and all supported by Albanian Government-approved/backed training facilities inside Albania, close to the border with Serbian Kosovo;

4. Escalation of incidents — including threats, political action, terrorist action — within Bosnia-Herzegovina, designed to further polarize the Serbian and Croat population away from the Muslim population;

5. Eventual escalation of “incidents” to create a “no-go” area for Serbian, Montenegrin, Republica Srpska security forces and international peacekeepers in a swathe of contiguous territory from the Adriatic through Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Southern Serbia and Macedonia into Bosnia-Herzegovina, effectively dissecting the Republica Srpska state (which is within Bosnia-Herzegovina) at the Gorazde Corridor and isolating Montenegro;


Report on Albanian Narco-Criminal/Terrorist Links Providing Key Intelligence for Olympics Security, “War on Terror”

publication date: Feb 11, 2004
A report by Serbian intelligence officials, drafted in September 2003, and entitled Albanian Terrorism and Organized Crime in Kosovo and Metohija, is providing a significant resource for Greek and other Western intelligence services belatedly working to focus on radical Islamist terrorist threats to the Summer 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.The report was based on intelligence gathered by the Serbian domestic security service, BIA (Bezbednosno-Informativna Agencija) and the Military Security Agency (VBA) of the Armed Forces of Serbia & Montenegro, and was released by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. GIS has obtained a copy of the report in English and Serbo-Croat, and accompanied by the digital maps and extensive photographs of individuals identified with ethnic Albanian terrorism and organized crime. 

As noted in earlier GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs reports, there have been considerable indicators of a build-up of radical, armed Islamist activity in the Balkans during 2003-04, with specific warnings of planned attacks to either target or coincide with the Athens Olympics. Much of the activity links with narcotics trafficking and criminal activity, particularly in the Serbian autonomous province — currently under UN control — of Kosovo and Metohija (referred to locally as K&M or Kosmet).

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