Das Albanische Chaos Parlament – Albania’s Parliament Votes to Probe Itself

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18 Mar 2011 / 09:06

Parliament in Tirana has overwhelmingly approved the formation of an investigative commission that will probe the assembly’s own activity. But judging by the outcome of previous probes, little will ensue.

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Albania’s parliament has voted to probe its own conduct, in response to complaints by opposition MPs about the speaker, Jozefina Topalli, which is also the deputy head of the ruling Democratic Party.

Opposition deputies have accused her of using harsh rhetoric in the assembly and of abusing the system of MPs „per diem“ allowances and other public funds. The speaker has called the allegations politically motivated.

The new commission follows hot on the heels of an earlier probe launched by the governing party following the January 21 unrest in the capital.

This has sought to prove that the anti-government rally that left four protesters dead was an attempted coup d’état, orchestrated by the opposition, the president, the secret service, the general prosecutor and four journalists.

Under pressure from the public and from international actors, the ruling centre-right Democrats have since quietly abandoned the probe. Members of the commission, made up only of Democratic Party MPs, have not met in weeks.

The ruling majority abandoned in a similar fashion a probe last year that sought to prove that Albania’s former communist leader, Ramiz Alia, was linked to an alleged massacre of Kosovo Albanians by Yugoslav Partisan forces in 1944 in Montenegro.

After Prime Minister Sali Berisha ordered the establishment of the commission, it met only once.

The new commission is expected to be bipartisan, with six majority MPs and five representatives of the Socialist opposition. The opposition is also expected to lead the probe by selecting one of its MPs as the commission’s head.

Both opposition Socialist and governing Democrats have used parliamentary probes in the past, especially in the run-up to elections. Although they manufacture a mountain of accusations and create a media flurry, few produce any hard facts.

The Democrats twice launched parliamentary probes targeting the work of opposition leader and Tirana mayor Edi Rama, before the 2003 and 2007 local elections.

In response to the latest probe into the speaker, the ruling party has threatened to launch a new probe against Rama’s personal finances, accusing him of having gained wealth illegally.



Die hoch korrupte Parlaments Präsidentin Jozefina Topalli, wünscht das man die General Staatsanwältin Ina Rama feuert

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Bereits bei früheren extremen Ausfällen der ziemlich dümmlichen Jozefina Topalli intervenierte der US Botschafter J.Withers.

Gjon Cobja
Gjon Cobja, Null Schulbildung, aber nun als enger Verwandter von Josef Topalli, Albanischer Consul in Mailand und weitere Verwandte, werden wie die eigene Tochter (Null Schul Bildung, aber Sängerin), oder aus der Unterhaltungs Branche, nun plötzlich Botschafter und Alles mögliche und über die Botschafts Posten versorgt. aus Shekulli vom 12.12.2010

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