Albanien: Fatos Lubonja: „man sollte alle Politiker verjagen“

Posted on Januar 28, 2011 von


How have things become so dysfunctional? Bloggers in the country offer varying explanations.

Shqiptari i vjeter writes that Albania’s parties function less as political units and more as „groups whose origins are in clans and provinces“. Ideology simply serves as a front for the play of economic interests, he suggests, and these days many politicians do not even bother with the formality of taking a clear position.

According to arta72, meanwhile, the current events are a continuation of the unresolved controversies of the 1990s. „During the most recent scandals, the government failed to react and the opposition talked a tougher rhetoric, leaving nothing good to be expected,“ the blogger writes.

As key national priorities get thrown by the wayside, public trust in politicians is approaching rock bottom. „The truth is that there are no politicians in Albania, there are only thieves,“ writes E verteta, echoing a common sentiment.

Outspoken social commentator Fatos Lubonja thinks people should demonstrate, but not on behalf of either Rama or Berisha. Rather, he writes, the aim should be to topple all the established leaders „together with what they represent“.

But Anija plak disagrees, saying the conflicts at the top reflect deeper problems and tensions within the country. „Albanians are hiding again under the flags of political parties,“ she says. „We should not blame our politicians; all peoples have the politicians they deserve.“


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