Albanien – Griechenland: Kontinental Sockel über die See Grenzen

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Greece and Albania, still without border in Ionian Sea

A foreign ministry spokesman on Thursday referred to the maritime and continental shelf delineation agreement between Greece and Albania, responding to a relevant question during a regular diplomatic press briefing.

Spokesman Grigoris Delavekouras said Athens‘ positions are clear-cut, where the Albanian government will have to restart procedures for ratification — by the country’s Parliament — considering that a previous Albanian constitutional court ruling that has been issued.

„The agreement, which has been signed by both governments, meets the provisions of the (International) Law of the Sea Treaty and will benefit the two countries. The Albanian government acknowledges its usefulness and importance in allowing the two countries to proceed, even with the exploitation of natural resources detected in their sea zones,“ he pointed out, adding that such a development would have an important and positive impact on Albania’s EU course.

Vor gut einem Jahr, ist das Internationale See Abkommen mit Griechenland gescheitert, nachdem das Verfassung Gericht angerufen wurde und Sabri Godo und Andere, wieder ihren Hirnlos Müll verbreiteten.