„Joca Amsterdam“ and the killing of Ivo Pukanic

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Killing the Journalist or: Sreten Jocic alias Joca Amsterdam – The bloody journey of a Mafia boss across Europe

Dr. Alexander von Paleske — On 23rd October 2008 a bomb exploded in the Stara Vlaska Street of Zagreb, capital city of Croatia, killing the top journalist and editor of the weekly Nacional, Ivo Pukanic, and his marketing director Niko Franjic, wounding several others.
Pukanic was famous for his investigative reports. Top on his list: the Croatian and Serbian Mafia.

Seven of the eight suspects in the murder case were arrested . Mastermind of the conspiracy was allegedly a Serbian mafia boss by the name of Sreten Jocic. He allegedly was given 1,6 million Euro to do the „job“.

After a trial, that lasted 9 months, 6 of the 8 accused murderers, however not Sreten Jocic so far – he is being tried separately – were convicted today (3rd November 2010),and sentenced to between 15 and 40 years imprisonment.

During his trial, Jocic claimed, that a connection exists between the murder of Pukanic and the scandal riddled Austrian bank Hypo-Alpe-Adria.

Who is Sreten Jocic alias Joca Amsterdam?
Sreten Jocic was born on 24th October 1962 in what was then Jugoslavia , now Serbia.
After finishing school, he did his compulsory military service and declared himself an “anticommunist”, something not very popular with the authorities at that time.

He deserted from the army and left for Austria, found relatively soon a new home amongst the Jugo-gangsters in Austria, who often posed as political refugees.

Jocic allegedly got busy stealing and robbing. Eventually the Austrian police was after him, accusing him of being involved in the murder of three policemen.

Time to leave and settle in Germany
Frankfurt(M) / Germany has been all along a favorite destination for Jugo-Gangsters, that’s where Jocic went, and got soon in contact with two resident top Jugo-Gangsters by the name of Ljubomior Magas alias Ljubomir Zemiunac and Zeljko Raznatovic Arkan.These gangsters in turn introduced Sreten Jocic to a Jugo Mafiosi by the name of Duje Becirovic.

A Jugo-Gangster named Becirovic
Becirovic was wanted by the German Police for numerous crimes, however he managed to escape to the Netherlands not for starting an honest life, but to become the boss of the Jugo-Gangsters there.

Becirovic positioned himself on the drug market in Amsterdam, Jocic became his bodyguard, then his confidante, finally his deputy in the Jugo-Gangster syndicate.

Becirovic became known for killing those, who stood in his way on the drug market and, as an additional “service”: murder for hire.

And for the first time, certainly not for the last, Sreten Jocic appeared in press reports after he killed a “colleague” in an Amsterdam sex-club.

However, not unusually in the criminal underworld, Becirovic had a major financial dispute, this time with a prominent Dutch gangster boss by the name of Klaas Bruinsma. Major conflicts are settled in the underworld normally not with the help of the police or the courts, but with guns instead.
Bruinsma gave the order to execute Becirovic.

The Deputy becomes the Chef






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