Die Rumaenische Verdraengung, ueber den Terror der Kommunistischen Unterdrueckung

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Da hier der Autor selbst unter dem Kommunismus in Rumaenien gearbeitet hat, kann man sich nur ueber die Einstellung der Leute wundern, wenn 50% denken unter den Kommunisten war es besser. Damals gab es nur ueberall den Geheimdienst, die totale Unterdrueckung und fast Nichts zum einkaufen.

Half of Romanians ‚Yearn for Communist Past‘

| 24 September 2010 |



Nearly half of Romanians believe their life was better during the communist era, a new poll indicates.

Forty-nine per cent said their life was better before December 1989, with a higher standard of living and job security being given as the main arguments, according to the poll carried out by the Institute Investigating the Crimes of Communism and the Memory of the Romanian Exile.

Less than a quarter of Romanians believe their life has improved in the two decades since the overthrow of communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu,

A further 14 per cent said things had stayed the same, while the remainder offered no opinion.

Among the negative aspects of the communist era cited in the survey was the lack of freedom (69 per cent) and food (11 per cent).

But analysts said the results were not simply a sign of nostalgia, but mainly a consequence of the current economic crisis.

Historian Adrian Cioroianu said: “Most people still have ambivalent feelings about the legacy of Communism.

„Those nostalgic for the old times say the shift to market capitalism and EU membership has deprived the country of social stability and created huge inequalities.

“Furthermore, current economic crisis leads people to form a false image about the recent past.”

Ceausescu and his wife fled their palace in downtown Bucharest in a helicopter on December 22, 1989,  in an attempt to escape large crowds of angry demonstrators.

Three days later they were executed after being sentenced to death by a military trial.

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