Die Methoden der Ethnischen Saeuberungen im Kosovo: Den Serben wird das Telefon abgestellt

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Thousands of Serbs without telephone service

27 September 2010 | 09:19 | Source: B92, Tanjug
BELGRADE — Serbs in their enclaves in central and southern Kosovo have been left without landline and mobile telephone service.

One of the Telekom transmitters (FoNet)
One of the Telekom transmitters (FoNet)

Beta news agency reports that eighty thousand Serbs in Kosovo were left without mobile, and a few thousands without fixed telephony.

Kosovo Albanian authorities from Priština escorted by Kosovo police yesterday destroyed and shut down equipment of Telekom Srbija (Serbia’s telecommunications company), claiming they „operated illegally“.

Telekom said they would look to restore service as soon as they could, and rejected these accusations. The company’s technical unit coordinator for Kosovo and Metohija, Ilija Ivanović, said that Telekom operated in the province with a license.

„Telekom works in line with (UNSC) Resolution 1244,“ he was quoted as saying.

On Sunday, Ministry for Kosovo officials said that this development could have a negative impact on the forthcoming talks between Belgrade and Priština.



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