Wegen Mafiöser Umtriebe, legt die EU den Beitritt von Albanien und Albanien auf Eis

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Der Antrag der Dukanivic Mafia ist von der EU auf Eis gelegt worden. Zu peinlich, was kriminelle Deutsche Politiker, wie Bodo Hombach, Gernot Erler, FES und Co. dort aufgebaut und zementiert haben, als Sprachrohr der Balkan Mafia, nur um private Geschäfte zu machen. Und die Albaner wollen es mit den Mafia Gruppen um Edi Rama, Gramoz Ruci,  Pjerin Ndreu, Ilir Meta und Co.   und der US Mafia, sowieso nichts Anders.

„EU unhappy with Montenegrin govt.“
28 August 2010 | 15:18 | Source: Tanjug
PODGORICA — The Montenegrin opposition stated that the EU is sending clear messages that it is not content with the work of the government in Podgorica.

The fact that German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle did not schedule a visit to Podgorica during his regional visit shows that the EU is “putting the regime on ice” until Prime Minister Milo Dukanovic leaves the political scene, the opposition Movement for Changes (PZP) party stated.

PZP states that the fact that the German minister did not come to Montenegro confirms the international isolation resulting from “the criminal profile and autocratic rule” of the Montenegrin government.

“Westerwelle gave a clear message in Belgrade which the most powerful and influential European country sends to those who are candidates for EU membership—that there will be no easing of the criteria needed for becoming a member-state,” PZP spokesperson Ko
a Pavlovic said.

In Montenegro’s case, this means that “you cannot enter the EU with the mafia,” Pavlovic said.

He said that EU politicians have “obviously decided to put this regime on ice,” until the moment that Dukanovic leaves politics and Montenegro receives an administration “that is capable of freeing the country from the claws of the mafia.”

“With this kind of behavior of the current regime, which is always choosing the mafia instead of Europe, the ability of achieving the only goal for which a national consensus exists in Montenegro—the securing of the status of a candidate country for full-fledged EU membership—is being brought into question,” Pavlovic said.


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