Killer – Terrorist und Gangster Boss gibt Interview: Azem Syla

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Kosovo: Ex-KLA Commander Home Searched in Bllaca Case

Pristina | 29 July 2010 |

EULEX policemen

EULEX policemen

The home of Azem Syla, a former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) commander, was searched by the EU rule of law mission yesterday in connection with the Nazim Bllaca case.

Nazim Bllaca, a self-professed assassin who went public in November 2009 with his crimes, said he had worked for Kosovo’s unofficial secret service, SHIK, and mentioned a number of names in connection with SHIK’s activities, including Azem Syla.

Following the searches at Syla’s house in the village of Kishnareka, central Kosovo, EULEX, who refused to name the suspect, said it had issued ‘a summons [for him to] appear before the Special Prosecutor within a week of its delivery’.

Syla, who is on holiday in Albania with his family, told Pristina daily Koha Ditore that the reason for the searches were ‘lies and slanders’.

EULEX has so far arrested four men, including Bllaca, in connection with the case. While only two remain in detention, all four are considered suspects. Another suspect was questioned on July 7, while Syla will be questioned next week.

The DVD confession from Bllaca was made public by Gani Geci, parliamentarian for the opposition Democratic League of Dardania, in November. Bllaca then held a press conference about his crimes in front of parliament.

He claimed to have worked from 1999 to 2003 for the Intelligence Service of Kosovo, SHIK, which served the Kosovo Liberation Army until the end of the conflict in Kosovo, and which is seen as being most closely associated with the governing Democratic Party of Kosovo, PDK, of Prime Minister Hashim Thaci. SHIK claimed in June 2008 that it had officially disbanded.

During his time as agent Seiko, Bllaca alleges he was involved in 17 murders, attempted murders, beatings and other criminal acts. He said that SHIK had told him the targets were members of the Serbian intelligence service, UDB, but that he later realised they were just members of the Democratic League of Kosovo, which is currently in the government coalition with the PDK.

He listed a string of senior SHIK figures with whom he interacted and who are members of the government or high-ranking PDK officials.

The PDK has dismissed the accusations, branding them politically motivated, and has called for a speedy investigation into the matter. Balkaninsight

verhaftete Azem Syla, gibt ein Interview als er als Auftrags Killer und Mitglied der Hashim Thaci Todesschwadron und des SHIK geoutet wird.

(Foto: Jetmir Idrizi)
Azem Syla: Padia ime, sot në EULEX
Nuk kam qenë pjesëtar i SHIK’ut. Nuk e njoh Nazim Bllacën dhe nuk e kam takuar asnjëherë. Ato që thotë, janë të pavërteta. Ky është orkestrim në fushatë dhe në prag të GJND’së. Sot, unë do të ngre padi në EULEX. Vetë jam i gatshëm të përballem me drejtësinë kurdoherë. Është mirë të zbardhen të gjitha vrasjet e pasluftës dhe të mbyllet ky kapitull. Azem Syla, Ish Shef i Shtabit të UÇK’së, flet për Express.

Interview mit Nazim Blacca!

Die SPD und Steinmeier Banden im Balkan! Der hoch kriminelle christoph Zöbel, versprach u.a. der Albanischen Mafia in 2004, damit man das Flugplatz Geschäft mit Hochtief, machen kann den EU Beitritt vor 2014 und versorgte die Verbrechen mit Stapelweise Visas, für deren Drogen Geschäfte.

Interview mit dem Super Killer und Gangster: Yhavit Haliti

Albanian Secret Service Chief Fatos Klosi in 16.5.1999 in der “Albania” durch den Albanischen Geheimdienst Chef Fatos Klosi: KLA (UCK) is financed by Bin Laden

aus Balkanblog

* Amerikanische Politiker und Hashim Thaci verbreiteten u.a. das Gerücht, Rugova ist ein Mann von Milosevic und ein heute amtierender Minister schrieb genau dieses in der Zeitschrift “Albania” damals, einen Tag, nachdem er (Ferdiand Yhafferei) in einem Restaurant in Durres mit dem Drogen Schmuggler und US Botschafter Josef Limbrecht gesehen war. Der unten erwähnte (Ferdinand Yhafferi – heute Minister für Kultur und Tourismus) hat enste Verbindungen zu dem Super Verbrecher Halati, Killer und Verbrecher siehe über Haliti im BND Report Kosovo 2005

Der Gangster

Dashamir Tahiri im Albanischen Parlament

u.a. Owner of Hotel Bologna


Die kriminelle Kosovo Gangster Truppe: