Bosnian Muslim Intelligence Spy Agency: Bosnia has 3,000 terrorists

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July 13, 2010 – 2:52 pm One day after his deputy warned that the official Bosnian Muslim clergy supports the growth of extremist Muslim terrorism, chief of the Bosnian Muslim Intelligence Security Agency known as OSA, Almir Džuvo, said that his agency has a registrar of 3,000 trained and active local Islamic terrorist ready to strike.

“Of those only 3-4% are foreign born [terrorists]. The rest are Bosnian nationals. They are superbly supplied, much better then the Bosnian police,” said Džuvo and added that “majority of them are for many years on the police registry”.

Džuvo warned that these “3,000 individuals could, because of their psychological or other state, cause terror acts that could have much greater consequences than” the one in Bugojno where he was speaking.

Above is the photo of the police station in Bugojno that was bombed by local Bosnian Muslims where a policeman was murdered and bunch wounded.

Džuvo said that despite the registry, the police cannot do anything to these Bosnian Muslim terrorists “until they commit the terrorist act like in Bugojno or any other act of similar magnitude”.

Bosnian Serb officials welcomed Džuvo’s statements saying that this is the first time that Bosnian Muslims themselves are admitting that they have a terror problem. Bosnian Serbs have been very active as of late in publicizing that the Bosnian Serb Prime Minister Milorad Dodik has been stalked but foreign born Muslims who were gathering intelligence on his style of movements and security (here and here).

The Bosnian Islamic terrorist problem, however, could soon be exported into Europe.

Slovenia’s representative in the EU Parliament, Tanja Fayon, urged that visa requirements be removed for Bosnian citizens after the summer and some think that it could be implemented as early as November which could mean that the 3,000 Bosnian Muslim terrorists can suddenly freely travel wherever they want inside the EU.

Fayon suggested the same be dome with another Muslim country Albania that itself has radical Islamic terror bases. Serbianna

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