Sibel Edmonds Case: KLA rebels train in terrorist camps

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Headlined on 7/15/08:
Sibel Edmonds Case: The Central Asia Islamization Cocktail: Mosques, Madrassas, Heroin & Terrorism

KLA rebels train in terrorist camps
By Jerry Seper

Some members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, which has financed its war effort through the sale of heroin, were trained in terrorist camps run by international fugitive Osama bin Laden — who is wanted in the 1998 bombing of two U.S. embassies in Africa that killed 224 persons, including 12 Americans.
The KLA members, embraced by the Clinton administration in NATO’s 41-day bombing campaign to bring Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to the bargaining table, were trained in secret camps in Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina and elsewhere, according to newly obtained intelligence reports.
The reports also show that the KLA has enlisted Islamic terrorists — members of the Mujahideen –as soldiers in its ongoing conflict against Serbia, and that many already have been smuggled into Kosovo to join the fight.
Known to its countrymen as the Ushtria Clirimatare e Kosoves, the KLA has as many as 30,000 members, a number reportedly on the rise as a result of NATO’s continuing bombing campaign. The group’s leadership, including Agim Ceku, a former Croatian army brigadier general, has rapidly become a political and military force in the Balkans.
The intelligence reports document what is described as a „link“ between bin Laden, the fugitive Saudi millionaire, and the KLA –including a common staging area in Tropoje, Albania, a center for Islamic terrorists. The reports said bin Laden’s organization, known as al-Qaeda, has both trained and financially supported the KLA.
Many border crossings into Kosovo by „foreign fighters“ also have been documented and include veterans of the militant group Islamic Jihad from Bosnia, Chechnya and Afghanistan.
Many of the crossings originated in neighboring Albania and, according to the reports, included parties of up to 50 men.
Jane’s International Defense Review, a highly respected British Journal, reported in February that documents found last year on the body of a KLA member showed that he had escorted several volunteers into Kosovo, including more than a dozen Saudi Arabians. Each volunteer carried a passport identifying him as a Macedonian Albanian.
Bin Laden and his military commander, Mohammed Atef, were named in a federal indictment handed up in November in New York for the simultaneous explosions Aug. 7 at the U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
The indictment accused the two men of directing the attacks, which injured more than 5,000 people.
The indictment said bin Laden, working through al-Qaeda, forged alliances with government officials in Iran, the National Islamic Front in the Sudan and an Iranian terrorist organization known as Hezbollah. He was indicted earlier this year by a federal grand jury in New York for his suspected terrorist activities.
The al-Qaeda is believed to have targeted U.S. embassies and American soldiers stationed in Saudi Arabia and Somalia.
The organization also is accused of housing and training terrorists, and of raising money to support their causes.
The State Department, along with other federal agencies, offered a $5 million reward last year for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the two men. Mr. Clinton ordered a retaliatory attack on training bases controlled by bin Laden in Afghanistan and a chemical factory near Khartoum, Sudan, after the bombings.
Last year, while State Department officials labeled the KLA a terrorist organization, saying it bankrolled its operations with proceeds from the heroin trade and from loans from known terrorists like bin Laden, the department listed the group as an „insurgency“ organization in its official reports. The officials charged that the KLA used terrorist tactics to assault Serbian and ethnic Albanian civilians in a campaign to achieve
The KLA’s involvement in drug smuggling as a means of raising funds for weapons is long-standing. Intelligence documents show it has aligned itself with an extensive organized crime network in Albania that smuggles heroin to buyers throughout Western Europe and the United States.
Drug agents in five countries believe the cartel is one of the most powerful heroin smuggling organizations in the world.
The documents show heroin and some cocaine is moved over land and sea from Turkey through Bulgaria, Greece and Yugoslavia to Western Europe and elsewhere. The circuit has become known as the „Balkan Route.“
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said in a recent report that drug smuggling organizations composed of Kosovo’s ethnic Albanians were considered „second only to Turkish gangs as the predominant heroin smugglers along the Balkan Route.“
Greek Interpol representatives have called Kosovo’s ethnic Albanians „the primary sources of supply for cocaine and heroin in that country.“
France’s Geopolitical Observatory of Drugs said the KLA as a key player in the rapidly expanding drugs-for-arms business and helped transport $2 billion in drugs a year into Western Europe.
German drug agents said $1.5 billion in drug profits is laundered annually by Kosovo smugglers, through as many as 200 private banks or currency-exchange offices.
Jane’s Intelligence Review estimated in March that drug sales could have netted the KLA profits in the „high tens of millions of dollars.“ It said the KLA had rearmed itself for a spring offensive with the aid of drug money, along with donations from Albanians in Western Europe and the United

Bulgaria – Italia Times

In short, at a minimum, the United States, with NATO, were supporting the Kosovo Liberation Army alongside Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda.

In Chechnya we see the same pattern of certain US policy elites and al-Qaeda working on the same team.

According to a front page article in the Washington Post in 2003:

„Russian intelligence officials assert that Osama bin Laden donated at least $25 million and dispatched numerous fighters to Chechnya, including Ibn Khattab, a Saudi who led one of the best-trained contingents. The United States now agrees that Khattab had al Qaeda ties, and cited those links when it added three Chechen rebel units to its list of terrorist organizations earlier this year.

American officials said that several hundred Chechen fighters were trained at al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan and that bin Laden sent „substantial amounts of money“ to equip Chechen rebels in 1999.“

In fact, a 1998 DIA report (pdf), exposed by the conservative group Judicial Watch in 2004 via a FOIA request in 2000, noted that Khattab was a „personal friend“ of bin Laden, and that bin Laden sent Khattab to Chechnya in 1995 to „organize training camps for international terrorists.“ Three camps were established, and graduations were held every two months.

US support for the Chechens has been well documented. In a September 2004 article in the Guardian, subtitled „The Washington neocons‘ commitment to the war on terror evaporates in Chechnya, whose cause they have made their own,“ a group called the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya (ACPC) is put under the spotlight. It’s members include Richard Perle, Elliott Abrams, Kenneth Adelman, Frank Gaffney, Michael Ledeen, James Woolsey, Stephen Solarz and Morton Abramowitz.

The Guardian notes:

„The ACPC heavily promotes the idea that the Chechen rebellion shows the undemocratic nature of Putin’s Russia, and cultivates support for the Chechen cause by emphasising the seriousness of human rights violations in the tiny Caucasian republic. It compares the Chechen crisis to those other fashionable „Muslim“ causes, Bosnia and Kosovo – implying that only international intervention in the Caucasus can stabilise the situation there.


Wie und warum der sogenannte “Krieg gegen den Terror” begann

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America's Terrorist Ally
Copyleft 2006 Carlos Latuff

Benjamin Netanjahu ist bekanntlich Sohn des Sekretärs des ziofaschistischen Terroristenidols Wladimir Jabotinsky. Das Dokument, mit dem Benjamin Netanjahu nach seiner Machtübernahme in Israel 1996 eine Organisation namens IASPS die Absicherung des Geraubten planen ließ, ist auch bekannt: Securing the realm. Es empfahl unter anderem, einen Regime Change im Irak herbeizuführen. In der Folge ließ Israel den nach dem Prinzip Land gegen Frieden laufenden Friedensprozess von Oslo durch die unverhandelbare Forderung der Perpetuierung der Besatzung platzen. Im Jahr 2000 veröffentlichte die IASPS ein weiteres interessantes Dokument: The Afghan Vortex. Darin empfahl die IASPS den USA, Afghanistan zu erobern. Nachdem Ariel Scharon am 28. September 2000 in Begleitung von starken Polizeikräften den von Israel illegal besetzten Tempelberg wie ein Kolonialherr inspizierte, rief Jassir Arafat zum gewalttätigen Widerstand gegen die fortschreitende Kolonialisierung auf und startete damit die blutige al-Aqsa-Intifada.

Im Sommer 2001 wurde der “Privatmann” Benjamin Netanjahu, der zwischenzeitlich zurückgetreten war, heimlich dabei gefilmt, wie er einer Familie in der illegalen Besatzersiedlung Ofra tief in der Westbank seine Politik bezüglich des Friedensprozesses von Oslo erklärte. In der letzten Woche ist ein israelischer Fernsehkanal in den Besitz des Videos gekommen und hat es veröffentlicht. Der israelische Journalist Gideon Levy hat dazu einen harschen Beitrag in der Haaretz geschrieben. Blogger Richard Silverstein, der vielen Bloglesern noch durch seine Aufdeckung des Falles Anat Kam bekannt sein dürfte, hat nun eine englische Übersetzung einiger Ausschnitte des hebräischsprachigen Videos publiziert. Da diese Ausschnitte Schlüssel für das Verständnis der jüngeren Geschichte sind, übersetzt Mein Parteibuch diese Ausschnitte nachfolgend in die deutsche Sprache.


US-Präsidentschafts Kandidat John McCain finanziert von der Albaner Mafia

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