Die Gerichts Lawine gegen den Buergermeister von Himari rollt weiter

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Bollano ist schwierig zu verstehen, weil er selbst und seine Partner jede Art von Gesetz sabotieren.

Albania Court Overturns Ruling on Greek Mayor

Tirana | 17 June 2010 |

Vasil Bollano

Vasil Bollano

An appeals court in the city of Vlora has overturned a lower court ruling that sentenced an ethnic-Greek mayor to a six-month prison term for ordering the removal of road signs because they were not bilingual.

Mayor Vasil Bollano of the town of Himara on Albania’s southern coast ordered the removal of road signs in December 2007, arguing that the signs should also have been written in Greek, as he considers the area a Greek-minority zone.

Prosecutors filed charges against Bollano for abuse of power, arguing that his actions were illegal and that the removed signs cost Albanian taxpayers roughly €170,000. Bollano rejected the charges against him as politically motivated.

The Greek minority in Albania is estimated to be around three per cent of the country’s total population.


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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Albanians in Macedonia want Albanian citizenship

Albanians in Macedonia want from Tirana to require official to allow the benefit of all Albanians the Albanian citizenship across borders.

Such a plan is implemented by neighboring countries such as Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia and other former Yugoslav countries. Albanian political parties in Macedonia do not want to debate the issue, but they point out that the Albanian state itself should assess whether or not to create opportunity through constitutional road, all the Albanians wherever they are equipped with Albanian citizenship, regardless of they live in two states or more states, but the device with Albanian citizenship to become the model of dual citizenship that allowed by many states.

Lawyers do not exclude the possibility that Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha with the decree of President Bamir Topi fulfill their promise 90 years to when he claimed that every Albanian in the world is a citizen of Albania.

„It should be realized that, because we have the case of Macedonians, who everywhere possess the nationality of Macedonia. Especially such an option is used by the Albanians living on the border with Macedonia, which declared that they have Macedonian origin, the lawyer Numan Limani has stressed.

But sources closer to the government in Tirana has not ruled out the possibility that the Albanian government to consider such a plan for granting citizenships to all Albanian citizens outside the borders of the Albanian state.

The Law granting citizenship is a right that decreed by the President of Albania and that the right has the benefit of its foreign national that he has completed five years of regular residence in the territory of the Albanian state. In any provision of law amended in 1998, is not expected to benefit through ethnicity and provides that every Albanian has the right to possession of Albanian nationality.

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