Serbien und Kroatien planen eine enge Militär Cooperation

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“Cooperation with Croatian army necessary”
29 May 2010 | 10:15 | Source: Politika
BELGRADE — Defense Minister Dragan Šutanovac announced that Serbia and Croatia will sign a defense cooperation agreement in June.

Dragan Šutanovac (archive)
Dragan Šutanovac (archive)

He said that the signing of agreements between the ministries of the two countries should lead to a road of final reconciliation.

Šutanovac said that the best path to reconciliation is through united exercises, both in Serbia and outside the country’s borders.

“Even though our past is burdened with many victims, we want to show that the two armies are not enemy armies and that they can contribute not only to regional, but also global security,” he told daily Politika.

“Every agreement on cooperation leads to the solving of problems, and every criticism of such an agreement is a lack of understanding for problems that can be solved through dialogue. I am aware that that the past is still burdening relations between the two countries today, but I am convinced that this agreement will contribute to the stabilization and quicker solving of problems which are not related solely to defense issues,” Šutanovac said.


Eine sehr sinnvolle Sache, allein um Kosten zu sparen.

Greek-Israeli Military Manoeuvres

The combined Greek-Israeli Air Forces Exercise “Minos 2010” started today. During the exercise, which will last until the beginning of June, Israeli F-15 and F-16 aircraft will be stationed at the 115th Combat Wing in Souda, Crete. The exercises will take place in the Ionian Sea, mainland Greece and the Aegean Sea.
The exercise will include aerial refuelling drills of Greek fighters from Israeli tankers. The Search and Rescue portion of the exercise has been postponed to a later date. This exercise will not feature any Israeli aircraft taking off from Israeli bases and attacking ground targets in mainland Greece. This was the case during the “Glorious Spartan” exercise in 2008, which lots of attention in the international press as it was seen as a rehearsal for an Israeli attack on Iran’ nuclear sites.


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