Bin Laden’s Balkan Connections

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The Centre for Peace in the Balkans
Bin Laden’s Balkan Connections

Albanian Secret Service Chief Fatos Klosi in 16.5.1998 in der “Albania” durch den Albanischen Geheimdienst Chef Fatos Klosi: KLA (UCK) is financed by Bin Laden

September 2001

Dedicated to all victims of terrorism, including a member of The Centre for Peace in the Balkans who is still listed as missing in the World Trade Centre bombing.

In testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee on February 2, 1999, CIA Director George Tenet warned of the worldwide threat posed by the Bin Laden network:


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Carlos Martins Branco

Srebrenica 4 MARCH 98

Hi everybody I would like to express my views on the events of Srebrenica. I am sending one article I wrote long time ago, which reflects a very different approach from the one conveyed by the western media, and CNN in particular. I was UNMO Deputy Chief Operations Officers of UNPF (at theatre level) and my information is based upon debriefings of UNMOs who where posted to Srebrenica during those days and some UN reports not disclosed to public opinion. My sources are not Ruder & Finn Global Public Affairs, which has not my name included in its database. I don’t want to discuss numbers and similar matters. Those subjects do not interest me at all. There are not reliable information and figures have been used and manipulated for propaganda purposes which are not oriented to a serious understanding of the Yugoslavian conflict.

The article is based upon TRUE information and includes my analysis of the events. The story is longer than the one of the article, however, I tried to concentrate it as small as possible. I hope it contributes to a further clarification of what really happened in Srebrenica and what was behind it, specially in what concerns the Bosnian Muslim attitude. I do believe that Srebrenica shows a pattern behaviour of the warring factions in the conflict: on one hand Bosnian Muslim provocating Serbs, trying hard to convince the international community to intervene by force against the Serbs in order to solve the military question; on the other hand Serb leadership’s lack of intelligence providing to Muslims the justifications and arguments they were looking for. I know that some of you won’t enjoy the contents of the article. For those, sorry.

Was Srebenica a hoax?