Romania to Declassify Documents from Revolution

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Romania to Declassify Documents from Revolution

Bucharest | 10 March 2010 |

Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc

Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc

The Romanian government is to declassify all remaining secret documents related to the country’s 1989 anti-communist revolution that toppled dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

Prime Minister Emil Boc announced late on Tuesday that some 8,000 pages of information will be declassified, and saying that the move would allow „the truth to come out“ on what is a sensitive issue for most Romanians.

The 1989 revolution overthrew the communist regime after bloody clashes that killed over 1,100 people.

But people who were directly involved are skeptical that the documents will reveal the leaders who played a role in killing demonstrators. „The declassification of some documents will reveal nothing more than some
information related to the Revolution,“ said Teodor Maries, the president of „21 December 1989“, an organisation that brings together people who fought against the communist regime.

„Romania needs a real inquiry over those responsible for the murder of demonstrators,“ he added.

Only two persons have so far been convicted: army generals Victor Stanculescu and Mihai Chitac.

In 1999, Stanculescu and Chitac were convicted for the first time of trying to quell the anti-communist revolt in the western city of Timisoara.

In 2001, the country’s prosecutor general ordered retrials for the two men in what was seen as a politically motivated move. In 2007, they were again convicted of murder and attempted murder but appealed the ruling.

Both generals held senior positions in Ceausescu’s regime and they were dispatched to crack down on demonstrators in Timisoara. It was the first city in Romania to protest against Ceausescu’s dictatorship — and 72 people died and 253 were wounded in chaotic shooting.

After the revolution, Stanculescu and Chitac took office in the first post-communist government. Chitac became interior minister in 1990 and Stanculescu was industry minister and later defence minister.