Die Preveso Banditen wieder in Aktion um ihre Drogen Verteil Stelle zu schützen

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New proposal on „Greater Albania“ space

Serbia: Ethnic Albanians Seek „Presevo Valley Region“
Belgrade 03 August 2009
Ethnic Albanian officials in southern Serbia have launched a new initiative for the formation of a separate region in the Presevo Valley with its own institutions and organs.
The proposal was raised in the assembly of the Presevo, Medvedja and Bujanovac municipalities and envisages the creation of an ethnic Albanian-led governance structure for the area.
The president of the local Presevo assembly, Skender Destani, told Balkan Insight that the assembly of Presevo, Medvedja and Bujanovac municipalities passed the demand to the Serbian government and parliament and is awaiting an answer.
“I don’t think the initiative will be accepted in Belgrade, but it’s worth trying. We want to convince the other side [Serbian government] that the solution, which we opt for, is in both our interests,” Destani added.Riza Halimi, leader of the ethnic Albanian Party of Democratic Action, told Balkan Insight that the proposal confirms a 2006 declaration, which envisaged giving ethnic Albanians in the region the right to self-determination. He has described this weekend’s initiative as the only solution for local Albanians to keep their national, cultural and religious identity.
“The newest document is a response to the irresponsible approach the Serbian government has taken to the demands and problems of the Albanians in the south,” Halimi said.
The declaration criticises the recent actions of Serbian special police, alleging these are a continuation of ongoing efforts to collectively criminalise Albanians. The document demands proportional representation in employment practices and representation in Serbian state structures and public institutions, especially within local and border police forces.


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